Scalable customer support
for your business

Let us hire, train and manage your
support team,
while you're growing your company.

Spending all your time
on support tasks?

With Dream Support you get agents hired, trained and supervised for you.
We handle tickets, analyze the data and provide actionable insights.
All taken care of to keep your customers happy.

How it works

Start with free onboarding

No obligation. No credit card required!
Each agent has experience with SaaS/eCommerce customer support and their English language level is proven by university degree.

Let it work

Our agents join the tools you use and study your support requests.
We analyze most common questions and resolution steps, and pick the company's voice and tone. In two weeks you have support agents trained and handling tickets.

Stay in control

  • Adjust the way we are prioritizing and handling support requests as we go! We create Support Handbook and share it with you.
  • You have full transparency into every action our team takes. Our agents work in your helpdesk directly.
  • You get monthly reports, overviewing support quality, trends in customer requests and current problematic cases. As well as the improvements suggestions!

Why Dream Support

Pay based on volume
Only pay for what you use. We charge per solved ticket. Not per agent or time spent in the desk
No hidden fees
Onboarding, training, documentation - it’s all included, with no extra fees
Optimal for small business
With low minimum package, Dream Support is an affordable solution for small companies
Monthly contracts
Pay on a monthly basis and have full control over your budget. Dream Support is flexible and can adjust to your needs!
Dedicated agents
Know the people working for you - we believe in meaningful connections and clear lines of communication.
Focus on quality
Have 100% visibility into each action as we work with your helpdesk directly. We’ll run monthly quality checks as well!
Actionable insights
Stay in control and understand the structure and trends of your customer requests with monthly reports.
Ongoing improvements
Consistently improve customer satisfaction metrics with automations.

See what our

customers have to say

The set up was smooth thanks to Veronica and Andrei, who thoroughly studied our tickets and existing processes. They helped us onboard the agents, who quickly got up to speed and are currently providing phenomenal support service.

Nadya Nguyen,

CEO at Hidrate Spark

Andrei and his team have been a vital and integral part of building the ClickCease customer base. By helping us with sales and support, Andrei has provided immense value.

Ilan Missulawin,

CMO at ClickCease

See what our customer’s clients have to say

Rina was fantastic to deal with. As someone who spent years working in a customer service industry myself, I know that it isn’t just about the product, customers will continue to come back even if they have issues as long as the customer service is top notch and they feel they have trust in a company. You guys have established that with me. I have full faith in this company and I will recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much for the pleasant experience. More customer service representatives should be like Rina.

Hidrate Spark

I have never had anyone answer my email so quickly if at all. I was told the prices . I thought I was being charged weekly and that was an error. I can afford 7.99 a month so I no longer want to cancel my subscription.

Color Therapy App

I’m very pleased how quickly and how thoroughly you answered my question. I have a better understanding now and will not feel like such a failure. I do very much enjoy this app and I’m hoping to be able to move up to VIP soon. Thank you for your help

Color Therapy App

The support is outstanding. You answer every question in just a few minutes! And you are very flexible dealing with accounts. Top!


I’m very pleased how quickly and how thoroughly you answered my question. I have a better understanding now and will not feel like such a failure. I do very much enjoy this app and I’m hoping to be able to move up to VIP soon. Thank you for your help.

Color Therapy App

Thank you so much for mending my problem. Now I could sign in with new password you sent me and I could come back to our work out. Your support if perfect! Thank you very much (^^)

Physique 57

Well my friend You gave me a answer that I never expected. Thank you for your time and your professional support. Now I have a better feeling and a bit more hope to work. I absolutely like it if clickcease can send the rapport to Google. Because you already doing a great job. I’m sorry for my English it’s not so good but I do my best. Well it’s 04:14 in the Netherlands I will try to sleep now. Thanks again dear friends Have a nice healthy day


Thank you very much! I can’t wait to workout tomorrow! I love Physique57! You guys are the best!

Physique 57

Yay awesome. Thank you so much for all your help, you’ve made this process so painless! Thanks a million!

Hidrate Spark

Oh! I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you very much for cancel both accounts and for the refund. Best customer service ever! Best regards

Physique 57