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We work directly in the tools you use - full transparency of every action

What We Do

Responding to support inquiries

Directly in the tools you use - full transparency.

Handling social media

Comments/DMs on Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Google, elsewhere.

Scaling and mentoring your support team

Hiring, training, onboarding, and supervising agents; assigned eCommerce support manager; you always work with the same agent.

How We Do It


Joining your company's mission and culture; analyzing and categorizing support requests; inheriting tone of voice and brand perception; translating your actions into guidelines.


Improving key support metrics - shorter reply time, higher customer satisfaction, and more; implementing new ideas - e.g., proactive outreach to customers and influencers.


Creating and updating support guidelines, templates, helpdesk articles, etc.

Data and insights

Monthly reporting and overview of request types, trends, issues, feedback, feature requests, and suggestions.

How It Works


Talk to one of our support managers.

A customer service manager with experience in eCommerce will work with you to understand your goals and create a work plan.

Maryna Paryvai, 3+ years of experience in managing growing eCommerce support teams. She created our tone of voice and brand perception analysis methods. Maryna’s Linkedin.



Start free onboarding to get a feeling of the quality and transparency of the work.

Your manager will onboard and mentor a dedicated agent (you will always work with the same person). Together they will study your support requests, how you handle them, and inherit your company's voice and tone.

Ivan, specializes in leading and scaling eCommerce support teams



Evaluate our work and (once happy!) sign a month-to-month contract.

By the end of the free onboarding, we are all set and handling your customer support requests. Ready to revise SLA/SOPs and make it official!



Grow customers' loyalty and develop your business.

Great support is way more than ‘zero inbox’. Here's what your manager will be working on to help you continue improving customer service and business.


Insightful reports shaped for your needs.

Key customer service metrics and insights presented in one interactive report. Load and reply time, CSAT, cancellation / refund / reshipping / return reasons, feature suggestions, customers' feedback, issues, improvement suggestions, and other meaningful data you may want to track. See a report example.


Monthly quality audit.

In addition to the key metrics report and improvement suggestions, your manager will manually revise tickets and procedures, and look for imperfections.


Documentation setup and maintenance.

All docs needed for smooth operation and scaling - SOPs, SLA, FAQs, saved replies, knowledge base articles and more.


Helpdesk setup and maintenance.

Per request, your manager can evaluate your needs and suggest the optional helpdesk software. Your team will also set up and maintain it for you.

Quality service, guaranteed


Great people

Dream Support managers have experience working with growing eCommerce companies, your future team has an excellent track record.


Quality control

We constantly audit work quality and performance. You will receive insightful reports as well as improvement suggestions.


Dedicated agents

Agents become a remote part of your in-house team.


Best practices

Your manager will study your tasks and KPIs to implement optimal solutions.



Your team will track key customer service and business metrics to support improvement suggestions with data.


Ready to get started?