How to show customer appreciation?
With winning customer loyalty there is a simple rule - do more than they expect. Tailor your offerings according to your loyal customers' interests, hobbies and tastes. The main point is to create a great offering that would make people excited about it (hell, you are the first who should be excited about it!). Your "thank you" can be useful in their everyday life, or just evoke positive feelings.

You can cheat and pick some unknown holiday like a Sugar Cookie day to time your little gesture. Most people don't even know about this occasion, and your gift will be highly unexpected, becoming even sweeter. Form a team of ninjas who mastered onion cutting techniques and start cooking!

Give customers financial value

Introduce a loyalty program
We all love feeling VIP - use it. Provide some real financial value to returning customers, so that everyone will want to be included in your special list.

Run special promotions only for customers highly active in social networks
Find people talking about your product over social networks and turn them to your loyal fans by granting some surprise gifts, discount codes, etc.

Send a tasty treat / flowers
It's cute, appropriate for any age, gender and occasion. What's even better - apart from direct value they bring up emotional response as well.

Gift a surprise subscription / upgrade / gift card for your services
Tease them with bonuses of having your subscription plan or upgraded package for free, and they might get used to it. A gift card works similar way, but you can make it universal so your customers have an opportunity to grant that card to someone important, passively promoting your brand.

Discount their bill (as a surprise)
You can track down your loyal customers and apply a discount on their latest purchase as a courtesy, following this gesture with a "thank you" email, card, video and such.

Send out branded gifts
The gifts should be carefully chosen and have a heartwarming touch. Go to some indie gifts online shop and find lots of straight useful or simply cute items. Let your inner child out. Make crazy ideas flourish.

Offer a free consultation
If you offer consultations as a service, you can give them away for free from time to time. Transform it into a special act of appreciation and express your interest in helping your clients with some particular matter.

Include a free gift with each purchase
If you can afford it, and it fits with the nature of your product - you can include a tiny gift with each order. Indie brands love this tactic, adding personal touch to their merchandise.

Give customers emotional value

Tell them something new and interesting
It could be news feed, or mailing list, or repost in social networks. Share exotic lasagna recipe, new guinness record, meme of the month - anything that correlates with your clients' hobbies and interests.

Send a welcome video for new customers
Record a short and light video to greet new customers or thank loyal ones. This tool is very powerful because it carries a strong emotional charge and helps you break the ice.

Congratulate on their birthday / promotion
If you happen to know about important events in their lives, you can send congratulations to add a bit of joy to their day.

Write a personal note / postcard
A very popular tactic. What is important - to write by hand, leave printed texts to facebook reposts.

Write a useful / entertaining book
If you happen to write a book - present it to your loyal fans! Signed by you personally, this gift will be cherished like a relic.

Spotlight customers (if they don't mind it)

You can publicly recognise and praise your biggest fans, putting them under the spotlight of your social media.

Give a surprise call
If you find an occasion (and a telephone number of course), you can talk to your loyal fans directly. Discuss everyday life, their goals and achievements.

Spend time together
You can organise a special event dedicated to your anniversary for example. Like a movie night, everybody loves those. It is a neat opportunity to talk to your fans, find out more about their tastes. Adding nice details like a photo booth will help to create precious memories.
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