How to write customer service emails?
General rules

Here's what I consider to be a customer-friendly email structure:

1. Greet your customer
Use "Hi there" if your interlocutor prefers to call himself "FluffyBunny86".

2. Build emotional connection
Express your compassion, because you actually should feel compassion: you're both playing for the same team.

3. Provide answer / solution
Be precise and clear with instructions. If you cannot help instantly and need more time to settle the matter, reply that the problem is addressed, and you will provide an update soon.

4. Close your message
Here is the part where you offer further help, thank for the feedback, wish a beautiful day.

There are some mistakes you should avoid:

  • Formal vibe
Keep it simple. Today's world has no time for prelude.

  • Businesslike attitude
Be personal. First of all it is human-to-human interaction. People like talking to people people, not brand people.

  • X-files
Telling the customers the exact reason of their trouble works wonders.

  • Complicated instructions
Describe troubleshooting steps in people language and try to anticipate their further questions. This will create an idea of over-the-top service that exactly knows what customers want.

Email scripts
Here I've gathered some typical situations. You can adapt and use them, or create your own templates based on these examples.
Customer service
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