Examples of astonishing social media support
Here I've gathered some inspirational stories that keep me believing great customer service is great!
While some people find stories like these inspiring, others might argue over their advisability. Not every company can afford gestures like that, and I totally understand it. Still, you can find great value in turning such experiences into viral success stories. And viral is the synonym of modern marketing.

Casper, online mattress retailer
Casper won a Shorty award for the "The Tweeting Mattress," a series of late-night, sleepy-time tweets. The company strives to deliver over-the-top support and promote happiness in their social media.
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Spotify, digital music service
Spotify created a special handle on Twitter - @SpotifyCares - to provide unparalleled customer care and support. The company posts helpful advices, answers questions on several languages, and engages with each customer individually.
Starbucks, coffee company
Starbucks is pretty active on social media, and no wonder - with that followers base they have to put a lot of effort into it.
Buffer, social media management tool
Buffer chose engaging and emotional approach in social networking. Note how each of their customer reps signs his message by real name.
Waterstones, London book store
This one is about urgency and importance of social listening. Once a man got trapped in Waterstones book store in London. He tweeted about it, and the message went viral. Someone from store staff was obviously monitoring their media, and 80 minutes later they made a success tweet: the man was free again.
JetBlue, low-cost airline
When JetBlue support reps find a way to help their customers - they just do. One of the passengers tweeted about non-working TV during his flight:
The company reached out, comforted him and offered a credit for this trouble. All done in 23 minutes.
Samsung, consumer electronics manufacturer
Samsung has the resources to go above and beyond, and they successfully do so, creating a portfolio of success stories.
One of their followers made this post:
The company replied with a personalized gift - a new phone designed after the original post:
Delta Hotels, Vancouver
While staying at the Delta Hotels in Vancouver, a customer posted an unpleasant view from his suite on his Instagram. He neither complained nor demanded anything, but the hotel staff was quick to react. They changed his room on the same day, providing a suite with a pleasant view. Their handwritten apology touched the customer to the heart:
Morton's Steakhouse, New York city
A joke tweet from a customer has led to unpredictable consequences:
When the man arrived at the airport, he was greeted by Morton's server carrying a gift with 24 oz. Porterhouse steak, shrimp, potatoes and bread. It's impressive when you think about the preparation time. New York Morton's team had about 3 hours to pull this off.
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