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Here is most popular helpdesk software. Of course there are many more solutions that can suit your needs, this is only the list that I tried myself.

Zendesk offers a set of tools: multichannel support dashboard (email, Twitter, Facebook, web widget, mobile SDK, API), live chat software, call center software, knowledge base creator, customizable automated notifications. It also provides analytics & reporting tool. Third party integrations are available, (like integration with Shopify, a very useful feature for e-commerce businesses).
All in all this is a user-friendly platform that will suit both small and large ventures. Reasonably priced and rich in functions, Zendesk will satisfy a vast majority of companies. Pricing starts from $5/mo per agent.
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Intercom interface seems a bit heavy and confusing at the beginning. For example, all incoming messages and notifications fall into the same folder (without filtering), which can be inconvenient. The platform offers similar multichannel dashboard and integrations with popular services, as well as live chat software, customizable automated notifications and flexible API for your applications. It does not, however, offer phone support channel.
Intercom does not sort incoming inquiries into folders like Zendesk. If you're cool with having all customer inquiries, alerts and notifications dropping into your inbox, you'll find Intercom pretty helpful. The service not only helps you with sales and support, but also provides some good insights into your agents performance (reply time, workload, busy and "free" hours, etc). This is helpful for your team workload management. Pricing depends on the set of connected services (and not the number of agents like with other services). Plans start from $49/mo.
Desk by Salesforce
This helpdesk gathers requests from live chat, email, phone, Facebook and Twitter channels. It provides analytics and reporting tools, and of course integrates with other Salesforce services. 14-day free trial is available.
Desk is a tool that comes with many features. The service positions itself as customer support solution for small companies, so you can try if you're interested in integrations with Salesforce and ready to dive into all the provided features. Plans start from $20/mo per agent.
TeamSupport features a whole lot of options and integrations. Product & inventory management, analytics, reporting, visual support tools and more are included in each plan. 14-day free trial is available.
This is a massive solution suitable for medium to large companies. The service offers a separate software designed specifically for technology companies (bug tracking, feature implementations and so on). Plans start from $40/mo per agent.
Freshdesk offers ticketing system and analytics tool for its users.Support channels available: email, live chat, phone support, Twitter, Facebook, web widget, mobile SDK.
The platform has free pricing plan for small businesses (that mainly provide email support). Paid plans are quite affordable and grant wider functionality (like analytics & reporting). Pricing starts from $25/mo per agent.
Pretty much like previous services, Groove provides a dashboard which gathers tickets from various channels (email, live chat, phone & sms support, Twitter, Facebook). Apart from that, you'll find integration options (with Slack, Olark, MailChimp, SnapEngage and many other solutions).
Small and medium-sized companies will love Groove for simple interface and clear pricing - $19/mo per agent. It's very easy to calculate monthly spendings on this platform at any scale. Groove does not feature analytical module, but does provide support agents performance statistics.
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