How to measure customer satisfaction?
Evaluating your customers' satisfaction is a challenging task - most people do not reach out to share their thanks. That's why you need do it yourself. Google "Customer Effort Score software" if you want to spend a day watching new doodles. Or pick an option from this shortlist.

Modern customer service software has survey tools built in. To name a few:

There is also an option of standalone tools:

Quantitative metrics to measure customer satisfaction

With all quantitative metrics remember one trick: do not give a wide choice. That's what I learned. Users should have 3-4 variants. This will simplify their decision making and your calculations. This might sound odd since most of marketers today use as many as 10 points in a single survey, yet it's better to streamline this process.

The formula is always built on the same principle: you take the percentage of highest score answers and distract the percentage of lowest score answers:

Score = (% best) - (% worst)

Here are some metrics you can derive that way:

1. Expectations met
It reflects people who got all their questions or demands fully covered.

2. Customer effort score
You ask customers how much effort they've put to achieve the goal. There is one psychological peculiarity: people will more likely leave a complaint than a compliment. So increasing the amount of compliments won by your business is a hard and resource-intensive task. While minimizing the number of complaints takes less effort and brings higher payoff.

3. Intention to repurchase
You ask customers if they are going to buy from you again. This straightforward metric directly shows how much they like your product.

4. Net promoter score
You ask customers if they're likely to promote your business to others. The main focus here in not on client's personal emotions, but on his intention to advocate for your brand.

Qualitative metrics to measure customer satisfaction

Qualitative metrics involve opinion sharing. You do not simply ask people to choose from several options, you give them an opportunity to express their thoughts. Here is how you gather them:

1. Surveys
There are three main channels of gathering feedback through surveys.

  • In-app surveys
Quick and easy, they grab the customer hot and feature the highest response rate. Don't put more than 2 questions here (especially when you add a text box for a personal feedback).
  • Post-service surveys
Same principle, different placement. You catch the fish when it leaves your net. This survey can be added to a follow-up email or at the end of chat with your support rep.
  • Long email surveys
If you want to ask several questions and gather deep insight, you can develop a custom email survey that persuades your customers to share their experience with your business. Those who will decide to spend some time and answer your questions will bring valuable opinions to the table. Downside of this method is low response rate.

2. Social media monitoring
Look for your brand discussion on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Reddit, Pinterest and any other massive online portal that people love.
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