How to do social media customer support?
When it comes to social media, you want to start from the following aspects:

Use social media monitoring tools
Know what customers say and where they talk about your company. Answer them when your can to improve public image. Reply to dissatisfied clients with an offer or solution, and everybody else will see that your company really cares.

Tip: We personally use Mention, as it is simple, cheap and does the job. If you want to try something else, look at our List of social media monitoring tools or google it to get lost in the options.

Provide timely response
Most people expect rather fast answer on Facebook (1 to 6 hours). They are also more likely to recommend a brand that provides a quick+ineffective response than a brand that gives a slow+effective solution. Of course it's not a direct instruction to turn into an auto-reply bot. Quality answers do matter. But in case you cannot solve the issue fast, reply with a comforting message and provide a deadline, or redirect the issue to another support channel where it will be more convenient to catch up.

Use public announcements
In case of of mass issues or outages do not remain silent and do not try to answer each and every complaint. Publish one major post warning everyone about the issue, and provide estimated resolution time.

When you launch a new product, you can successfully use social channels to share educational content like instruction and how-to videos to decrease the amount of "why" and "i did nothing" incoming from everywhere.

Establish personalized support reps accounts
Isn't it nice to know how the person you talk to over internet looks? Show off your support crew in your profile. Create special accounts for each representative, so they can work under your company and leave comments as individuals.

Create a dedicated support account
Another statement of "We do care" can be made with a separate account dedicated to support solely.

Choose a dedicated team member responsible for all social network interactions
This person will be responsible for your overall image in social networks. He / she will also help you create your own guidelines to managing social interactions with customers:
- Tone of voice and overall mood
- Reply time Most active hours
- Premade answers to most common questions
- Actions bound to calm down angry customers
- Issue escalation practices
Customer service
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