ClickCease success story

Customer support principles adopted by ClickCease, a SaaS company that loves great customer service
Today more and more companies put lots of effort in establishing a successful support department. ClickCease had to go further and integrate support into their whole product. They consider it crucial for their business, and this proved to be a solid competitive advantage. One can copy a product, but excellent customer support is much more complicated than that.
Support as part of product
ClickCease is constantly growing and improving for thousands of its customers from all over the world. What makes the company stand out?
Instant chat support
The company boasts reply time of 1-2 minutes during operational hours, which is considered to make a huge difference. Customers that seek for help do not have much time, they need assistance asap.
Tech assistance
ClickCease online chat is not just a source of FAQ articles, it allows customers get help of a qualified specialist. All support heroes are tech-savvy and can provide a substantial consultation.
Problem solution
By subscribing to ClickCease users don't just purchase software. They obtain a solution to their problem. Company's support heroes investigate each case individually, gather all facts and provide an algorithm to address the issue.
No white label
ClickCease solution is impossible to white label. Product support requires very specific knowledge and skillset.
The company runs a topical blog where customers can find a variety of sapid articles. The blog posts regularly and keeps its readers updated.
What makes great support
Each company can point out its own tips and tricks that work out for their support service. For ClickCease, their main strength lies in these principles:
Very close interdepartmental communication which allows live discussions of hot topics.
Systematic training of all support heroes, which leads to constant improvement in their knowledge and skill.
Deep involvement in each individual case, thorough investigation and careful analysis.
Quick response to customer inquiries.
Issues reporting and documentation, which leads to a well-built resources base that is being constantly expanded.
Individually we should mention empathy as an important perk for support heroes. Being tech-savvy is nice, but when customers address ClickCease chat, they are most definitely aggravated, confused and lost. They need help asap, but they do not understand what caused their problem. In all these cases a true hero should comfort an upset person first.

Empathy is also useful in understanding customers' language. They may speak good English, it does not automatically mean they understand. Tech-intensive software requires solid knowledge which new users might find difficult to comprehend. This is where true hero finds appropriate words to build an easy and visual explanation.
What makes ClickCease support cool? Tons of unique and unpredictable cases, live communications and amicable team!

What makes it challenging? Lack of programming skills - I have to learn everything from scratch. A load of AdWords related inquiries - I need to study this advertising platform. A necessity to manage all open chats simultaneously and in timely fashion.
Elena Sidorenko
What I love about ClickCease support is high availability, fast responses and quick solutions to any problem that might arise. Our skilled support team that knows how to answer every question, and I'm happy to be part of it.
Jake G
ClickCease tech guru
Shallow problem roots deep
ClickCease carries its mission to fight a problem easy to understand but difficult to eliminate. And the company is not alone in this journey. Many other pioneers of online advertising share this goal. The battle intensifies: fraudsters train bots to change IPs and delete cookies between clicks.
A click farm is the digital equivalent of a dairy farm. Only, instead of rows of cattle attached to milk expressing machines, workers, usually in developing countries, are paid a pittance to sit at desks, clicking on PPC (pay-per- click) ads, liking or following websites, social media posts and accounts or creating fake profiles to benefit the commissioning company or individual.
Ilan Missulawin, CMO of ClickCease
What can an advertiser do to prevent damage to his campaign? He should constantly monitor all digital channels for new followers and engagement, removing or blocking those likely to be false accounts.
He can also turn to click fraud gurus who specialize in catching even the sneakiest fraudsters. Fighting the scammers will make a significant difference in online visibility and subsequent ROI.

Reviews prove that customers are more than happy to utilize aid in fighting click fraud.
We use this to mitigate click fraud on our business adwords account and it proves itself effective in locating troublesome IP's which we then look to target for fraud abuse. Thanks for creating such useful software!
Richard Cuthbertson
Xytron Ltd
This is a hard reality, our competence is quite aggressive (talking about clicks). We can identify devices which usually make us clicks, know which locations (IPs) do they use to make us clicks. It's a complete tool really. We are also trying to recover fraudulent clicks costs sending Clickcease analysis to Adwords.
Guillermo Perez
We had lots of click fraud and we managed to take control of it by using clickcease. Just by knowing where the clicks are coming from and the time gave us an indication of who it actually is and we found the local competitor who admitted it. Great customer service, take it from a guy who drove them crazy :)
Ofir Aricha
A-Z Concepts
I requested a feature add, and they took care of it within a week, which blew my mind. I've never seen software improved upon that quick, so their team rocks- very responsive.
Kasia Subieta
Spot Migration Co
I know that you can find cheaper softwares, but the customer support is awesome with clickcease and the software really works, so do it.
Oscar González
I've only been using this service for a week now, but there have already been clear indicators that my client was receiving fraudulent clicks and ClickCease was able to block those IP addresses. I'm pretty satisfied with how simple the dashboard is and how quickly the customer support get back to any questions I may have. Definitely recommend it.
Brandt Whiting
Disruptive Advertising
These guys save our agency and our clients a ton of money. They are also super quick with turnaround of any questions or setups.
Justin Bost
AdWords Nerds

Veronica Grushko
ClickCease Princess
About the author
Veronica is ClickCease support ninja under Dream Support cover. She is kind, mindful and always willing to help. She loves learning new things about best customer service practices, and is always up for implementing some of those tricks.
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