Customer satisfaction

Nowadays we observe the highest levels of competition on markets. Companies are striving to attract and keep the customer, and it's not enough to just make good product anymore. Quality of customer service is becoming a differentiating factor when choosing between two alternatives. And the key to thriving is not only good market fit, but also customer satisfaction. It is that driving force which allows business not only to survive, but to grow and evolve.
It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one.
White House Office of Consumer Affairs

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The secret of building strong and flourishing relationship with customers is their satisfaction both with your product and your service. You spend a budget on attracting the customers, and you'll have to work on keeping them by delivering value over and over again. When you prove that being your long-term client is valuable and pleasant experience, you'll turn your customers loyal. Loyal customers do not require big marketing budget to get converted, they are already inclined to buy more from you. The more loyal customers you have, the less your churn is. Increasing loyalty also means increasing lifetime value of these customers.
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Loyal customers tend to be much more friendly, which in turn makes your support agents happy. No one likes to be yelled at. No one like to cope with negativity in people's emails and calls. It's part of the job, an unpleasant one. By increasing the number of satisfied customers you decrease the number of angry complaints, therefore easing the job for your customer service representatives.
      Resolve a complaint in the customer's favor and they will do business with you again 70% of the time.
      Lee Resources

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      Loyal customers are more likely to let you fix problems if they appear - they won't run away, demanding full refund. Positive experience persuades them that you're going to help no matter what. Loyal customers are much more likely to give you feedback once you ask for it. Their opinion can point at the weak sides of your business operations, or become an awesome review that you post on your web-site.
      outsource customer service advantages
      You can add a short post-transaction survey to understand how customers feel after contacting your company. Or you can organise an email campaign (phone calls) once in a while to get an idea of their attitude towards your brand. Make 2-3 questions like "How would you feel if we weren't operating tomorrow?", "What is the one thing we could do to make you happier?", "Would you recommend us to your friends and family?" to learn more about your image in their eyes and improve your customer service if necessary.
      90% of customers would appreciate better engagement as an improvement in their customer experience.
      Genesys report

      What type of feedback can you gather? We can think of many possibilities.

      About the company:
      • Your reputation
      • Willingness to do business with you
      • Intention to recommend your company to others

      About the product:
      • Quality
      • Design
      • Assortment
      • Alternatives
      • Shipping time

      About the customer service:
      • Reply time
      • Ease of troubleshooting instructions
      • Agents' friendliness and empathy
      • Issue resolution time
      • Agents knowledge of the product

      About the price:
      • Pricing of alternative products
      • Value for money
      • Cost of use for the product
      • Shipping cost
      All in all customer satisfaction is becoming a differentiating point between struggling and thriving business. Working on customer relations has been a big trend in last years, and it will become even more important further.