Customer service experience.
What great customer support means to different people?

Today the importance of positive customer experience with your brand cannot be overlooked. According to Consumer Action Monitor 2017, 79% people said they would be unlikely to return to a brand if their issue was handled badly.
We all have a ton of experiences as customers. Good customer service is becoming a standard, but if you ask five people - you might get five different answers. What do they consider to be a great service? Let's overview the most popular variants.
customer service representative

Some might rightly say that good customer service means solid knowledge of the product, inventory, features, promotions, etc. It means that support agents are well-experienced with the product and are ready to answer any type of question (or at least know where to find the answer).
good manners cost nothing
Others point out good manners. Customer service representatives should know how to handle themselves, keep it cool, be patient (which is hard sometimes, we all can imagine that). They should be always ready to provide assistance and be willing to help. This genuine attitude cannot be faked, it should come from the heart. Patience and desire to help people are two major qualities of client support reps.
      being proactive
      Another prominent feature is being proactive. Your customer support department can anticipate issues that may occur. Everyday practice will give a list of most common problems, and your service agents can address them beforehand by creating manuals, tutorials, FAQ sections and online knowledge bases.

      As an example of proactive service we can look at the Airport Fast Park at Baltimore Washington International Airport. This service not just provides parking slots for arriving travellers. They meet each car and direct the driver to a free parking slot. They greet guests with a fresh morning paper (and an umbrella during the rain), assist with the luggage. They board passengers to a comfortable shuttle, so their journey starts in a relaxed mode. These little things make a huge difference. And mind you, Airport Fast Park is not an airport service, it's a private establishment that set its own unique goal: to make flight experience more relaxed and win customer satisfaction.
          Being friendly and providing sincere advice means a lot to people. Open smile and genuine interest in client's issue make a huge impact on overall satisfaction with the service. Sincere attitude can make people feel the most important customer, and that's a basis for an excellent review and customer service experience.
          add a little extra
          One of the ways to be generate great customer service experience is to add a little extra. Sometimes even small gestures can trigger wow-effect. For example, we can look at the Laura Ashley case. Laura Ashley is a UK based home bedding provider. They sell their goods both online and offline. When ordering a bedding set from their web store, you can find a small gift that comes with your purchase:
          An unexpected gesture does not cost much to the company, and evokes positive emotions with customers.