Customer Service Outsourcing

Since you came to this page, you must be considering outsourced customer service partner for your business. We know, stepping onto this ground is scary. Entrusting your precious customers to remote support agents is a huge step - and you wish to never regret it.
Time to Outsource

As a business grows (which is wonderful), customer support may take a very unpleasant turn - more and more hours are spent answering emails rather than running the business. At some point the open/new tickets folder reaches the size of a young whale, and that is when it's about the time to consider outsourcing.

It can save time, money, and a lot of stress.
Customer Service Outsourcing
– path to the success

The work will start from the onboarding process.
This is how it happens if you work with the Dream Support team:

1. We study all the FAQ/Helpdesk, get familiar with the product and related documents.
2. Gather information from any kinds of guides and tutorials available.
3. Solve tickets in a test mode, discuss them, check the results, correct mistakes.
4. Solve tickets in real time using internal notes before approval
5. Become a dedicated support team member

      Working with a remote team

      Outsourcing Customer Support means managing a remote team.

      [The New York Times says at least 15,000 adults work remotely in the US alone, and this number keeps growing!]
      We asked our colleagues their opinion about remote team members (the answer we love most goes first):

      • You never know if people you work with are happy, if they need anything. You have no handshakes, no eye contacts and hugs to give you a hint.
      • Internet connection means everything. Once you are disconnected you are outboard.
      • When it comes to interpersonal relationship problems, it's harder to find out the cause and fix it
      • Certain risks grow (like scamming where a team can farm replies if you pay per reply)
          But now worries!

          We've learned how to overcome these difficulties and are ready to share:

          • Communication tools (check-ins, calls, meetings). There is a great number of dashboards to make remote management and communication less painful.
          • Discipline. Once you have a remote specialist aboard, you'll probably have to implement some new rules for the team
          • Checklists. Think about the criteria and metrics that will reflect the actual state of things. Like how many tickets per hour one support agent can handle.
            Measuring success of the outsource customer support team

            Here are some metrics to help evaluate quality of customer service experience.

            - Resolution Time

            Resolving issues in a timely manner may sound very obvious, but it is not that easy, especially when you deal with so-called out of the box issues. Solving it without wasting customer's time will keep him forever.

            - Customer Satisfaction

            The greatest ideas are always very simple. If you want to know how great your customer service is … Bingo! Let's ask the customers! So far it's one of the most objective criteria and also a valuable source of feedback not only on the support but on the product in general.
            - Reply time

            Goes without saying.

            The smart optimization you can do is to have more agents during the peak times when you need to handle a lot of tickets fast and in the most efficient way, and lessen this number of agents when the churn is not as huge. This optimisation is easy to implement with outsource support team, but may be tricky if you handle customer service in-house.
            - WOW customer stories / Success stories

            To measure something, you have to convert it to a number. So how do you measure "it was so good they couldn't stop talking about it" customer service?

            To do this we should first define what is outstanding customer support. What is never enough? What touches our heart? Makes us happy?

            At Dream Support we believe that it is - Love.
            Love is the power that together with reply time, product & industry expertise and empathy makes people say WOW, feel your care and become loyal ever since.

            At Dream Support we consider "WOW stories" to be a true mirror of the quality, we also align it with bonuses to improve customer service quality.

            To conclude

            Customer Support Outsourcing:

            • saves time and money.
            • gives amazing opportunities (different countries, markets, languages etc.).
            • It's the future of work ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
                  Outsourcing is like a marriage! It takes work from both sides to build a partnership focused on customer delight. (Telus International)