Customer service representative

Nowadays excellent customer service has become a competitive advantage. Businesses realise that returning customers bring more profit than new ones, because you don't need to spend marketing budget on getting them - they are already hooked. And creating strong humane relationship with customers is one of the key tools for retaining them.
customer service representative
Customer service representative is the face of a company. He connects the company with its customers, gathers feedback, suggests improvements to existing business processes. He is the person to handle all complaints and pass on all ecstatic reviews to the rest of the team. Not everyone can successfully fulfil this job. Of course, it's not a rocket science. Yet it requires a certain set of qualities, both professional and personal, to be successful at customer service tasks.
customer service team
First of all, a customer service agent needs to be very patient. People are different, some may be aggressive, some may require 5 rounds of explanation before they understand something. Accepting that this is an inevitable part of the job will save time and nerves. Genuine desire to help is another helpful virtue that adds up to patience.
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      Next, a true support hero wants to know all about the product, dive into details and be ready to answer any question. Learning business operations and processes, knowing all procedures is a great base that will allow customer service representative to stay prepared. If an unknown issue arises, the support rep is always willing to find out more. Most of the times consulting with colleagues and supervisors is a necessary action, and experienced support agents gladly go for it - asking someone more knowledgeable saves time and effort.
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      Another essential quality is keeping the goal in front of you. Any experienced support agent will tell you that the first thing they do in their everyday job is understanding the customer's claim. Seeing the true reason behind a request helps to save time and provide the best and fastest solution for higher customer satisfaction. Any instructions need to be clear and simple. Pictures, screenshots, infographics and video tutorials will help with that.
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          Staying polite and courteous is one more challenging task. Patience, empathy and desire to help are key to doing it. And another often forgotten but very useful quality is to never take it personally. Yes, customer service representative is the face of a company, and yes, he is filtering all incoming messages, deals with complaints, answers all angry customers. But he should always remember that it is all part of the job, and has nothing to do with him personally.
              Support reps can cover a wide range of duties, the most common include:

              • Provide troubleshooting instructions
              • Issue replacements, returns and refunds
              • Place, edit and cancel orders
              • Answer warranty and return policy questions
              • Manage user accounts
              • Resolve complaints and conflicts
              • Make phone calls, send out email notifications
              • Create new and enhance existing scripts and macros
              • Build long-term relationships with customers
              • Prepare performance reports, analyze customer service statistics

              Depending on the industry some unique tasks can be added to this list. Most industries do not require hard-to-obtain tech skills, so we can say that for most customer service representatives soft skills are much more important than hard skills. You can read a bit more about hard skills in support here.