Customer support service
and its future
78% of consumers have bailed on a transaction or not made an intended purchase because of a poor service experience
It takes 12 positive experiences to make up for one unresolved negative experience
It is 6-7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than it is to keep a current one
We meet facts like these when reading various articles about business. They're based on surveys published online, and display a simple idea: memorable customer service helps your business make more money.

Importance of good customer service cannot be overlooked. It helps to attract new customers as well as retain existing clients. We founded Dream Support to make memorable customer support service a standard for any business.
Customer service budget

World-wide corporate spendings on customer service have passed the $100 billion milestone, and the number is increasing. With competition intensifying business owners are looking for possible ways to improve customer service.
$100 billions is a hell of a budget. Businesses optimize their spendings by turning to professional helpdesk software (like Zendesk, Groove, Intercom and many others).
Another area of cost optimization is self-service customer support channel. The most common instruments here are product knowledge bases, blogs and online communities. They do help to cut off a sizeable amount of spendings on emails, chat support, call center etc.
Every support channel should give customers means to solve their issues. We believe that balancing them out can be a challenging task, and strive to bring clarity to the topic.

Many start considering customer service outsourcing companies as a valid alternative to in-house customer care department. One of the main reasons for it is the outsource customer service cost. All kinds of companies see value in this. There are outsourced customer services for small business and for large companies. Even IT companies can hire outsourced IT support today (although we all understand how complicated it is for them to outsource technical support).
Future of customer support services

Both, in-house and outsource customer support services have their pros and cons. We believe that there is no benefit of holding to just one of them. Both have their purpose, and both should be implemented mutually to maximize value and diminish drawbacks.

Customer service department starts from company founders. Before gathering support agents and hiring remote specialists they need to work out solid ethics and guidelines for their support reps.

This model is the future of customer support service.
In-house team grants its benefits:

1. Communication (one time zone and one schedule, cultural context, no language barrier, in-person discussions)

2. Process control (easy to supervise and regulate)

3. Work culture (helps to make sure all are on the same wavelength and act in best interests of the business)

In-house agents solidify company's customer support culture, making it easier for remote team to adapt and become not only the cost cutter but a top quality service provider.
Benefits of outsourcing are 24/7 support and reduced costs. At the same time outsourced team still brings your company spirit to the customers. We've been practicing this symbiosis and see it as the most prominent way of organizing customer support service department.

You might be all doubtful about hiring remote specialists. We understand that. Let us show you that it's not as scary as it seems ;)

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It is all about passion

What differs ordinary customer service experience from a memorable one? Reply time? Empathy? Good humor? Deep technical knowledge and skills? We at Dream Support believe it is something that is never too much in our lives - love.

We love what we're doing, we love our customers, we love receiving feedback, we love answering questions. "Share love with people" - the motto of our customer service representatives (grab it!). We are passionate about promoting great customer service. Adding a touch of love to the mix has really made a difference. It shaped our company culture and solidified our goal. Establishing strong relationships and achieving high customer satisfaction is the deal maker.