Flatlogic sucess story

Сustomer support practices and principles we can grab from Flatlogic
If you decide to develop and launch your own tech-intensive product, you will have to face the same issue Flatlogic encountered - most of the requests are going to be unique.
Custom cases require personalized support
3 years ago Flatlogic placed its bet on web and mobile solutions - and won. Today the company offers Javascript web development services, cross-platform mobile development services using React Native, and UX/UI design.
Flatlogic is a valued partner for our company when it comes to software development. The work they have done has had tremendous, measurable impact on issues pertaining to our product. Just as important as the results has been the professionalism: defined processes and constant flow of information every step of the way.
Tobias Kuen
Managing Director, SC-Networks GmbH
We have been working with Flatlogic for 6 months now and couldn't be happier. With the best intention in mind for customer needs, they seemlessly adapted our workflow and were quick to collaborate with our existing devs much more like an internal team than a group of remote developers.
Altan Sarisin
Managing Director IT & Strategy, MenschDanke GmbH
But most of the company's focus is targeted at ready-to-implement kits, namely Light Blue admin dashboard, Sing admin dashboard, and React Native Starter for mobile apps. And the difficulties that arise with each new customer can be summed up like this:
People try to merge a pre-made solution into their own code, which always brings up questions.
Most of the cases require custom implementation, which causes lots of inquiries to support team.
Out of all inquiries, only about 10% are related to some general stuff, and the remaining 90% involve configuration and settings. So each support hero needs to dig deep into each individual case and be tech-savvy to provide assistance.
Customer support representative
What can be done
So how did Flatlogic and Dream Support optimize their support department? There are some opportunities here:
Knowledge base
Flatlogic continuously develops and expands its knowledge base. All general and some specific yet typical config questions are covered there. It also features numerous pre-recorded demos, which is convenient. All customers can access this base at any time.
Updated documentation
With each new release all project documentation is being updated. It includes guides to installation as well as elements and forms description. New users find this documentation notedly helpful.
Bug fixes
All solved bugs and fixes for them are reported, adding up to the knowledge base. So support heroes do not need to waste time solving the same issues over and over.
Valuable feedback
Customer feedback is the cheapest and priciest piece of advice a business can collect. With help of its support heroes Flatlogic documents all incoming suggestions, ideas and insights. Even if these findings cannot be implemented at the moment, they can set a route for future improvements.
fun code
Enhancing the offer
Dream Support had to adapt to Flatlogic needs, training its heroes specifically to fulfill tech support duties. After weeks of intensive studying, they started supporting Sing and Light Blue dashboards. Each solution brings up lots of questions from its users, since they merge the module into their own code.

With time Dream Support and Flatlogic came to conclusion that sometimes it's easier to offer consulting services. For a reasonable price Flatlogic can develop a web-app either from scratch or using one of their templates.

Veronica Grushko
ClickCease Princess
About the author
Veronica is ClickCease support ninja under Dream Support cover. She is kind, mindful and always willing to help. She loves learning new things about best customer service practices, and is always up for implementing some of those tricks.
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