Hidrate Spark success story

What can we learn from their experience in e-commerce customer service
Each rising company can point out different aspects of their success. It's easy to provide excellent support at small scale. The main idea here: quality of client support is as important as quality of product. But how does that turn out for a growing business?

Let's find out how Hidrate Spark managed the problem. How do they organize their support? And what can we learn from them?

Customer support is an attitude, not a service

Sales may go up and down, but standards of client support remain high. Hidrate team kept this idea in mind when establishing a specialized support department. A high-quality product will find its customer, but what about keeping that customer a forever fan? The answer is - offer an excellent support along their hot-selling product.

And the feedback is more that picturesque. Today Hidrate support heroes can boast numbers of WOW stories like:
That's fantastic, I have done as per your instructions and everything has gone through.
Thanks so much for your fast response time and excellent service.
Have a great day!
a happy customer
Thank you! I appreciate your consideration.
The Spark continues to be a great addition to my remaining hydrated throughout the day. Once again, many kudos for the excellent customer service and effort to maintain high standards for your product.
a happy customer
Thank you very much. So happy to see your company stand behind its products. I will recommend this to everyone!
a happy customer
Customers call Hidrate support amazing and enjoy a very personal approach. And this is not an occasional happening, this is part of the whole delegation system.

Native delegation

Hidrate Spark team is amazing! And the bottle is awesome, I'm using it myself. I really enjoy working on this project and make customers happy. Supporting a product that I believe in is fueling me to fight any challenge.
Egor Kotov
Dream Support hero
When I joined the Hidrate Team I didn't know Nadya or any of the guys personally, but the values they had and the ways they treated customers convinced me to stay with them. And I have never regretted this decision. It's so inspiring to be a part of Hidrate Team and improve with them!
Liza Salianik
Dream Support hero
Hidrate stands for its customers. We are excited to provide an excellent service! We respect our customers and always strive to offer the best solution to their request. That is what I love about Hidrate support.
Kate Kazimirenko
Dream Support hero
So how did the company manage to organize a support department of dream? How did the founders share their caring attitude with the team so the customers can still feel their love?
There are several main practices that Hidrate and Dream Support implement daily to ensure highest standards of service.
Organization and documentation
There is an instruction for each encountered situation. Documenting and categorizing all issues helps to provide the best solution every time.
Ticket management tools
Hidrate team loves turning all common answers to scripts and macros. With automation set up replying to a line of similar tickets becomes an easy and quick task. However, they never use canned replies, instead, they personalize each message after a thorough read.
Ticket management systems are also really helpful in keeping all interactions with customers in one place. This allows to answer all messages from customers, not missing a single of them.
Interdepartmental communication
Despite residing in a different country, all Dream Support heroes have a fast and easy way to communicate with Hidrate development and sales teams. Interdepartmental communication is essential since customers report various issues, and some can be resolved only with help of a certain specialist.
Never in a million years ticket sharing was so easy and natural. All the techy, tricky questions are forwarded to engieeners, devs and founders.
Feedback and suggestions
Accumulating feedback is crucial for any business - it helps to improve current product more than any marketing research or expert review. It speaks customer language and spreads their vision of ideal product. And it's up to support team only to gather those opinions and bring them before the company founders.
Customer ideas might get tricky or even hard to implement. They still deserve proper attention and thought. Even the most incredible suggestion might add to your future development concept.
Social interactions
As the company grows, the number of followers adds up. Wide community buzz is a true mirror of success. Hidrate Spark strives to answer all public comments, and maintains active social network accounts to remain easy to find and communicate with.
Hidrate Spark bottles
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Hidrate Spark thinks for you

Many of us know that water is essential for our bodies. Yet, we rarely keep track of our daily intake, and hardly ever stop to think about it.

Hidrate Spark has a clear mission: to help people keep recommended levels of hydration. This might sound like a simple goal, yet it caters for important health issues. To promote this idea, Hidrate team partnered with National Kidney Foundation.
hidrate spark heart your kidneys
The initiative met massive support from people across the US. Hidrate Spark water bottle became popular in no time, putting company's resources and resolve to the test. Yet they still adhered to their principles, utilizing the situation to the maximum result.
Since getting my bottle, I haven't had one dehydration headache!
Mackenzie G, a happy customer
Whenever it comes to delivering high-quality product or providing on-point support, Hidrate strives to add more. Thus their web-site now features an extensive FAQ section where customers can find answers to a vast variety of questions. New articles are added regularly to cover new topics that arise.
Hidrate Spark 2.0 definitely sets a new bar for smart water bottles, and it's clear that the company has put a lot of thought and effort in here — it's a well-designed and attractive solution with a great app, and we have no hesitation that if you're looking for a smart water bottle, Spark 2.0 should be at the top of your list.
Jesse Hollington, a happy customer
Hidrate app available for iOS and Android is a constant focus for the company. They carefully gather and analyze customer suggestions to improve the app with each update. Moreover, the company takes seriously third-party integrations, offering full integration with Apple's HealthKit as well as support for a number of other popular health apps like Fitbit or Under Armour. The list broadens with time, promising us more tie-in opportunities in future.
hidrate spark app
But even this thorough approach might be not enough to convince you that a water bottle can be worth the splurge. To help its supporters smash that Purchase button, Hidrate started collecting and posting reviews from its loyal fans. A dedicated article reviewing the smart bottle can be more convincing than dozens of promotional texts.
I have drunk more water in these last three days, than what I've had in the last three months.
Maya L, a happy customer
To wrap up all of the above, sales promotion is as important as aftersales support. Top-notch product should pair with impressive support to convert one-time customers into loyal fans and brand advocates.
Well, they say "One customer well taken care of could be more valuable than $10,000 worth of advertising". And we totally agree.

Valentine Grishkevich
Support Rock Star
About the author
Valentine has joined Dream Support as part of Hidrate support team. Responsible and serious, thoughtful and silent, Valentine finds great inspiration in helping people and digging into the nature of things. She is also keen on writing structured articles. No lyrics, just facts in bullet points.
In free time Valentine listens to music, drives her car and pets any animals she can get her hands on.
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