7 ways to improve customer service

It's easy to say that customer service should be excellent if you want to make your business thrive. But what are the steps of achieving this result? First, you need to pick right people for working in your customer support department. There is a specific set of qualities clients expect them to have. We can take a closer look at these qualities.

All customer service representatives should be very patient because they work with people. It's a stressful job which does not forgive hostile attitude. Customers love when all their questions are answered, and all concerns addressed. And it can take time to cover all points, so patience is a very useful quality which helps to provide pleasant customer service experience.

Empathy is as essential quality that allows your support reps and understand customer feelings and take his side if needed. It also greatly helps to keep cool head and stay supportive when situation escalates. Some customers may extensively express their negative emotions, and empathy helps to get into their shoes, understand their pain.
Communication tone

Your customer service reps need to make a habit of always stating their point as clear as possible. Use simple instructions, prefer positive language and express desire to help. If the customer is upset / angry, the tone should be neutral and filled with empathy. If the customer is neutral, the tone should be slightly cheerful. If the customer is happy and inspired, the tone has to be even more joyful.

People are different in the way they communicate. Some are very easy to deal with, some are not. Some are talkative, some just explain their issue in a single sentence. Some are extremely friendly, some prefer to keep distance. These nuances can be read between the lines. Your support heroes need to learn those signs and effortlessly adapt to each style for higher customer satisfaction. This is an excellent way to build connection with the customer - to understand his mood and attitude.

      Work balance

      Time management is an important skill for great customer service. During busy hours your reps need to keep the balance between new and ongoing conversations, handling them all in appropriate manner to maintain good customer service.
          Feedback from customers

          Customer feedback is the best indicator of your support department performance. Organise a phone survey at the end of a service call, an email survey in your promotional messages. Add a feedback form to gather valuable opinions. Client ideas and reviews will greatly help you to see weak points of your business.

              Product knowledge

              Customers expect any support representative to provide a full and detailed answer to all their inquiries. Thorough knowledge of the product, its features, pricing and anything related is a must. You need to organize a QA events once in a while to make sure all your agents are up to date. Since you're constantly improving your product, add something new to the offer - you need to make sure everyone is catching those changes.
                  You can also dedicate one person to do regular QA overviews of your agents' performance. Modern heldpesks provide necessary tools to review individual performance. Based on these observations your QA specialist can give valuable advice to each rep regarding his strong and weak sides.
                  Another task your QA specialist can perform is building strong team spirit. Your support heroes are not just individuals answering customer questions. They need to feel and understand that there is a team behind them, a group of people always ready to help and provide advice. A team knows how things are going in general. Its members are always ready to cover their colleagues if needed. A team will never find crazy amount of unhandled tickets in the morning because they work together to achieve best results. Being ready to step in and help is a very useful quality for support reps, and it can be cultivated together with team spirit.
                  One of the most successful ways to build team spirit is to increase employee engagement. There are various tricks you can find, and it's a whole new topic. In short, you work with improving working conditions, providing compensations for overtime, offering career advancement, training, social benefits. You can also introduce some internal customer service awards and implement bonuses for achieving them. Sharing successful case studies also gives motivational effect. Your QA specialist can gather and summarize all positive feedback to teach customer service representatives how to achieve it. All these (and other) methods can give your team a necessary boost and inspire your employees.