We the Dream Support! .

Dream Support is a customer service outsourcing, consulting and research company.
We believe that reinventing customer service represents our greatest opportunity to ensure humane nature of modern business. Our methodology - Human relations service - implies that people want to be seen, heard, understood and have their problem resolved. HRS helps organizations be more human, win customer loyalty and grow organically.

You know we're smack right in the relationships renaissance, right?

It may be hard to believe today, but humans were never mentally wired to trust and enjoy goods made by "unknown hands". Before the advent of mass production, mass distribution, and mass media, people all over the world used to know their butchers, bakers and candlestick makers by name.

The growing divide between big national brands and their customers has been decades in the making. In the eyes of customers, old-fashioned companies don't listen, they advertise. They don't adjust to our needs, but try to sell us something. They aren't flexible, because they have strict policies to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The innovations in digital, mobile, and social technologies are taking us back to the way the human species has always prospered, to intimate relationships built on trust and loyalty. Most certainly, AI is going to lead the innovation in the nearest future. Our intention is to create an AI that complements exceptional human support, not to substitutes it.

To make it happen, we started our human customer service research. That's how Dream Support, customer services outsourcing, consulting and research company, was founded.

Today, Dream Support is working on the improvement of support operation, team training, data studies and HRS culture.

When your workload is overwhelming - we come to help! We take care of your customer support operation: hire, train, supervise the team and scale with you!

We're proudly based in Minsk, Belarus. The country of european bisons is famous for its rich Hi-Tech infrastructure. Wargaming, Epam, startups MASQRD, PandaDoc and others have been founded and operate in Belarus.
Making people HAPPY is a real job. When will you start?
We are looking for a full-time person who:
- can speak English freely and has outstanding writing skills.
- is patient and willing to help others.
- is interested in IT and ready to develop himself in different spheres such as sales, marketing, management etc.

What you'll be doing?
- help customers to be heard and loved.
- assist with tasks in sales, marketing, management and others.
- help Dream Support make outstanding service.

How to apply?
1. Please send an application letter that speaks to us to the email attached below. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Show us that future.
2. We value great writers, so please do take your time with the application. Forget that generic resume. There's no prize for being the first to submit!
3. Feel free to send along your VK or FB profiles, references and anything you think would help introduce yourself: your blog (if any), 3 books we should read etc.

Please send your application letters to [email protected]