We do not terraform Mars
or perform innovative cancer research
- we just make people feel loved.

We started as an AI project designed to optimize support services in the most comprehensive, human-centric way possible.

You know we've made a peek into the 7th industrial revolution, right? Most certainly, not less than electricity, steam engine and computers at their times, AI is going to lead the innovation in the nearest future. As we believe in the very social-centric, humane nature of future technologies, our intention is to complement great human support, not to substitute it.

To make it happen, we started our journey. We are bound to learn above-and-beyond customer service. That's how Dream Support, customer service outsourcing and research company, was founded.

Lucky we are - we've got the feeling and the ground stones of the exceptional service, as well as we've met like-minded people, agents and clients who are deeply passionate about the support itself.

Customer service is the new marketing. There is proven ROI in doing whatever you can to turn your customers into advocates for your brand or business.

Today, Dream Support is working on the improvement of customer service quality and support engineers training.

We come to take over when your workload is overwhelming - armed with laptops, our teams stay at the front lines not only to take care of hundreds of emails but also to hire, train, supervise and scale.
We're looking for long-term relationship, and we deal with almost any customer support related tasks a growing business may need help with.
You can let us care for publicly available comments, social mentions and reviews - we know the way it affects reputation.
You can turn to us for insights, feedbacks and our honest opinion. We are here to bring your ideas live and explain quality in numbers.
Making people HAPPY is a real job. When will you start?
We are looking for a full-time person who:
- can speak English freely and has outstanding writing skills.
- is patient and willing to help others.
- is interested in IT and ready to develop himself in different spheres such as sales, marketing, management etc.

What you'll be doing?
- help customers to be heard and loved.
- assist with tasks in sales, marketing, management and others.
- help Dream Support make outstanding service.

How to apply?
1. Please send an application letter that speaks to us to the email attached below. Introduce yourself as a colleague. Show us that future.
2. We value great writers, so please do take your time with the application. Forget that generic resume. There's no prize for being the first to submit!
3. Feel free to send along your VK or FB profiles, references and anything you think would help introduce yourself: your blog (if any), 3 books we should read etc.

Please send your application letters to [email protected]