Outsourced customer service
for small business

Nowadays excellent customer service has become a competitive advantage. Businesses realise that returning customers bring more profit than new ones, because you don't need to spend marketing budget on getting them - they are already hooked. And creating strong humane relationship with customers is one of the key tools for retaining them.
customer service representative
The quality of customer support today is higher than ever. Positive changes in this sphere have brought us happy customers and increased customer satisfcation. Customer service outsourcing companies are also adopting this trend. You might think that they cannot be interested in pleasing the customer, they only care about the payment and workload. But that's not entirely true. Maybe some cheapest services are like that, but others do care about providing high quality support.
customer service team
It's expensive to hire and train a dedicated customer service representative. That's why modern customer service outsourcing companies are interested in keeping their agents. High turnover means increased costs of hiring and training. Thus these companies find excellent candidates that are willing to improve, grow, learn and bring joy to people.
      outsource customer service advantages
      How does partnering with and outsourced customer service provider affect small business? First of all, it's valuable expertise. Small businesses sometimes don't have much experience with high quality customer support. Learning that will take some time, yet the owners need to forward all their effort into business growth. Another benefit is scalability and convenient scheduling. Customer service partner can quickly adapt to the company growth and hire+train new agents. It can also find agents that cover any time or day. 24/7 support is possible mostly with help of outsourcing partners. Cost saving is yet another huge benefit to small companies, because they can invest more into development.
      is outsourcing a good idea
      Can outsourced customer service be inappropriate for a small business? Yes, if the product is very complex, techy and requires vast niche knowledge. In this case it will be easier and better for the company to run in-house customer service department. When is it recommended to reach for a remote partner? We see these opportunities:

      • When the business is expecting rapid growth
      • When the product is easy to learn
      • When the business wants to provide 24/7 support
      • When the business cannot handle holiday rush properly
          All in all outsourced customer service is a good option for small businesses if chosen wisely.